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Make education of children preferred

Son is a mandate from God that must be maintained as well as educate-for-kids-is-important-and-can-be-fun-with-playingpossible. Just like a mandate, he will be held accountable. That’s done by a mother, and certainly by parents everywhere. The role of parents is very great to make the children grow up according to what they expect.

Especially the first education in the family. Family education has a very large role in developing children. Education of the family (parents) is to provide a strong foundation to fortify their children so that no one in the association in the future.

Good and bad behavior and behavioral patterns of a child, there is the role of parents, the environment, education, or anything that is captured from the senses of a child. To that end, it is fortunate for them, the parents can continue to accompany their children in the future growth and development.

Education within the family is the first and primary education for children tumbuhkembang. The aim is to preserve, protect children so that they can grow and develop properly. Since the family is living together unity foremost known by children, so-called first and foremost an educational environment.

Why is education in the family nowadays is said to be important? Because here for the first time children receive informal education of both parents and the environment. The importance of education in the family is very clear because it is a vehicle for the development of human resources. In addition, a variety of strategies in education in accordance with  family growing environment of the child.